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    Sankaralingam Hospital
    Serving all people through exemplary health care,
    education, research and community outreach.
    ― Dr.S.Azhagam Perumal
  • Serving the community..
    With Dedication and Care As Individual and Together

Dr.S.Azhagam Perumal

Senior physician and diabetologist with three decade of field experience

Sankaralingam Hospital

Affordable care, approachable to all with compassion and empathy


Comprehensive diabetic especially diabetic foot care, Hypertensives and Cardiac care with ECG, Cardiac monitoring, ICU, Lab, Operation theatre with central oxygen supply and Round the clock service

We Strive To Provide A Relaxed Atmosphere

Your health is our top priority with comprehensive, affordable medical and women’s health care. Detection of diseases in the early stages is a guarantee of successful rehabilitation. Modern up-to-date equipment allows you to diagnose and identify the risks accurately and timely. Regardless of who you are – manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you specialist care and warm attitude, that are constant values for our staff